Rexbeti 0-1″ Digital Micrometer Review

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Cheap price

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Few extra features


Rexbeti isn’t exactly a household name when it comes to inspection tools such as this 0-1” digital micrometer. What it lacks in name recognition, it makes up for in price but the question is can the quality keep up?
The Rexbeti 0-1” digital micrometer has a .00005” or .001mm resolution which is standard for most digital micrometers. It has an accuracy of +/- .0001” which is only slightly worse than some of the best digital mics such as this one from Mitutoyo but better than most budget options. Prices fluctuate some but the Rexbeti sacrifices very little in accuracy while cutting the cost dramatically.
The digital readout on this set of micrometers is large and easy to read. The display has a simple button layout with only 3 buttons on the face. These primary buttons are on/off, one for switching units between inches and millimeters, and one for zeroing the tool.

The Rexbeti 0-1” digital micrometer features a ratchet stop for taking consistent measurements. The ratchet stop when used correctly allows the user to exert a controlled amount of force when taking readings. This results in more accurate and consistent measurements. Additionally, when not in use this digital mic has an auto shut off feature to save battery life. The tool also comes with an extra battery and a protective case for storage.


Beyond these simple features this Rexbeti micrometer doesn’t have anything too fancy going on. What it lacks in extras though, it makes up for in accuracy. When compared to many other budget digital micrometers, its accuracy stands out for the price. These Rexbeti 0-1” digital micrometers are a great buy at the price and capable of measuring up to all but the most precise digital micrometers.