Ultimate Guide to Blueprint Reading

Looking for a place to learn about blueprint reading — for free?

Whether you’re new to machining, want to figure out that never before seen drawing symbol, or simply need a refresher, this is your home to learn more about engineering drawings and blueprints for machining.

New to blueprint reading? Start Here

There’s no better way to start learning about blueprints. Check out the Beginner’s Guide to Blueprint Reading and level up your knowledge of drawing symbols and notes.

Check out our complete guide to GD&T symbols with tips to help you read and understand your manufacturing blueprints.

Ready for more? Explore by topic

A guide to symbols used in engineering drawings, including all symbols per ASME Y14.5 and info on lesser-known legacy blueprint symbols.

An introduction to the different types of blueprint tolerances you will encounter with plenty of examples to make them easy to understand.

Say what?! Learn the language of engineering drawings and machining blueprints. 

Our guide to holes of all types and the most common blueprint callouts associated with them.

Additional blueprint reading resources

Learn to speak like a machinist and work with the numbers and values you will find on engineering blueprints. A practical guide with plenty of examples to

A simple guide to get you started reading blueprint symbols with all the most commons symbols included.

A guide to all of the keyboard shortcuts for inserting each blueprint symbol into your document.