Culiau Customizer Engraving Pen Review

With the correct engraving tool in your hands, you can finish various creative tasks with precision and simplicity.

Engraving is a terrific way to personalize and modify an otherwise generic object, and it can be a fun hobby for anyone who enjoys being crafty and creative.

Engraving pens come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and capabilities. So, you’ll want to find the one that is ideal for your project.

The Customizer by Culiau is an engraving pen that is more than capable of meeting most people’s needs. This engraving pen is a popular choice among professionals and home crafters who enjoy DIYing their way through things.

The Customizer’s durability, power, compactness, and exceptional value for money make it an excellent professional etching tool suitable for all materials, including glass, wood, and metals. 

Best cordless engraving pen
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About the Culiau Customizer

For beginners, the Culiau Customizer Engraving Pen is excellent. Because the tool is so light, engraving is as simple as using a pen. 

box/packaging for the culiau customizer
It comes in a surprisingly nice box. Makes a nice first impression

It’s easier to move around the Customizer than say a corded Dremel engraver.

Don’t get me wrong, it will still take practice to get a nice, finished product, but the Customizer is easier to use than some of the other bulkier engraving pens on the market.

culiau customizer compared to sharpie, pen and pencil
Size comparison of the Customizer

The Customizer is roughly the size of a regular marker. The textured grip and light weight make controlling the engraver while in use a snap.

You can sketch with it just like a normal pen or pencil.

The flexibility of this tool makes the job as simple as drawing on paper. It works well on wood, including hardwoods, glass, and metals such as steel, silver, and others.

The Customizer comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB charging wire. The run time is about 2 hours. And trust me 2 hours is more than enough time. Unless you are super experienced, your hand it going to get tired well before the 2 hours runs out.

charging port and cable of culiau customizer
Charging port and cable

Also included is a large selection of engraving bits. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes which means you won’t need to pick up any extras for the Customizer right away. 

Unless you plan to use it almost daily, there is a good chance you won’t need to get any more bits ever because the assortment that comes with the Customizer is well rounded.

culiau customizer in box with engraving bits
The engraving bits that come with the Customizer

The engraving pen includes an LED display indicator, which shows you the battery level and speed of the tool.

One of the biggest indicators of the quality of the Customizer is the feel of the tool. This is a well built tool that feels good in the hand.

It is ergonomic, lightweight, and small. Because of this it is exceptionally comfortable to use and handle. The Customizer truly is a pocket-sized engraving machine.

The quality comes with a price though and the Customizer does cost more than some of the other engraving pens on the market. However, many of those cheaper engraving pens aren’t built as well. Often they just don’t feel good in your hand.

If you plan to use it a lot, I recommend going with an engraving pen that is a step above such as the Customizer from Culiau and skipping all the generic cheapy ones.

How to use the Culiau Customizer


safety glasses

Above all, make sure you think safety first with any power tool. Proper eye protection as well as gloves and/or a dust mask may be needed depending on the materials you plan to work with.

Working on a clean surface

Before you begin, be certain that the surface you will be working on has been well cleaned.

Some materials may be cleaned well with soap and water, while others will require the use of more specialized cleaning chemicals. Start with soap and water, it will work for most materials.

Practice makes perfect

To learn how to use your tool, practice different words and symbols on a scrap piece of material.

Your first few designs are not likely to be eye pleasing.

Another key point is to make sure you practice with the type of material you plan to work with. In other words, if you want to engrave on sea shells then find some to practice on.

Proper lighting

a desk lamp sitting on a desk

Nobody’s idea of a good time is engraving in the dark – and it’s not safe or productive. Make sure your workplace has adequate light and that it is placed above or in front of you so that your head and shoulders don’t create a shadow on the work.

Proper lighting will make it much easier to see the fine details that you are creating on your workpiece.

Create an outline

If you’re going to use shading or filling, you should still finish the outline of your project first before coming back for the finer details.

Once you’ve completed a decent outline, it should be pretty easy to go back and give the project the final design you want.

Make use of a template

Consider producing a paper template to guide your work when feasible. This is especially useful at the beginning, when you may lack the courage to produce something entirely freehand.

For example, if you want to etch your name into some of your equipment, consider printing it out on a suitable scale and then using that printout as a reference when conducting the engraving.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of material can the Customizer work with?

an engraved piece of glass
An engraved piece of glass

The Culiau Customizer is capable of working with a wide range of materials including:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Leather
  • Stone
  • Shells
  • Clay

Does the Customizer use standard Dremel style bits?

Unfortunately, the Customizer does not take Dremel bits straight out of the box. For an added cost, you can purchase an adaptor that will allow you to use them however.

How is customer support?

In my opinion good customer support says more about the product than just about any other feature.

Culiau has excellent customer support through email. [email protected] is their address and in my experience they are quick to answer any questions you might have, even if you just need tips for using your new tool.

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