Standard Micrometers

Find the very best mics out there. Includes picks for great analog and digital micrometers. Guidance for finding good used micrometers as well!

Learn how to calibrate your own tools using our simple step by step guide. Includes guidance for calibration frequency and real world calibration advice.

Two incredibly useful measuring tools with some key differences. Find out what makes each piece of precision measuring equipment special. Includes tips for figuring out whether you need one or the other, or maybe both.

When it comes to micrometers, some of these manufacturers have been making tools for an extremely long time. Like 100 years or more. Find out which ones have been consistently the best so you can spot a great flea market find.

Micrometers are wonderful tools but they have their limitations. One of those limitations is the small measuring range, so if you want to measure with extreme accuracy across a wide variety of sizes then you’re gonna need a set. Find out which ones top our list. You just might be surprised.

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