Ultimate Guide to Micrometers

Find out which micrometers top our list. Includes analog and digital choices as well as the best depth mics. Tried and true tips for finding quality used tools too!

Learn how to calibrate your own tools using our simple step by step guide. Includes guidance for calibration frequency and real world calibration advice.

All of our handy guides to digital mics located in one place. Includes tool reviews as well as tips and tricks for keeping your micrometers working well for years to come.

We get it, you like to keep things old school. Lucky for you we have great guides to help you find the best analog mic and keep it in tip top shape. Find the right mics and they just might last more than a lifetime.

More micrometer resources

When you need extreme accuracy, you need micrometers. Unfortunately their measuring range means that if you want to be able to check a wide variety of sizes, you are going to need a set. Luckily, we have laid out the best micrometer sets and the things you should consider when purchasing a micrometer set.

Each of these precision measuring tools has their uses. While they are similar, they have some big differences. Find out what makes each tool special and ultimately what they specialize in doing.

Micrometer stands are extremely useful for checking parts that require the utmost precision. When something as simple as your body heat can affect the measurement, a quality micrometer stand steps in to help. We pick the best ones and provide tips for use.

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