Printable Quality Control Labels

Below is a list of printable labels for QC, manufacturing and maintenance. I have done my best to keep the labels simple. Fancy pictures or colors will not provide better traceability, they will only cost you more money to purchase. Each label has a picture provided to show what the label will look like.

The label files are in Microsoft Word format and include all of the information you need. The label sizes are listed along with links to the label sheets to use. 

There are three size labels used. These blank crack and peel style labels can be printed on any standard inkjet or laser printer. I have included Amazon links to the various sizes below and in the individual files.

I recommend using the smallest label possible to save on the cost of labels. This is the case unless visibility is a huge concern. 

Please note that these labels will not be water, coolant, or oil resistant. However, a simple piece of scotch tape over the label will provide protection from most things.

Finally, if there is a label you need which you don’t see listed and you think would benefit everyone, please leave a comment below and I will try to update the post over time.

Printable Calibration Labels

Gauge Calibration Labels

calibration label

These calibration labels provide the necessary information to identify your gage inventory. 

Simply list the tool number, who performed the calibration, the date the calibration was performed and the date when the tool is due for next calibration. 

The Calibration labels are available in two formats:

For Reference Use Only Labels

for reference use only label

For reference use only labels can be used for tools which aren’t used for final inspection. I once had an ISO auditor require us to place a For Reference Use Only label on our UPS scale. A little extreme, but an easy enough fix. 

The For Reference Use Only labels are available in two formats:

Do Not Use Labels

do not use label

Do Not Use labels are good for identifying tools or equipment that aren’t functioning properly. They will often be used for labeling gauges that can be used for parts later.

The Do Not Use labels are available in two formats:

Calibrate Before Use Labels

calibrate before use label

Calibrate Before Use labels can be used to identify gauges which function properly but possibly aren’t needed at this time. Calibration takes time and if a tool can be taken out of service and only calibrated when it is needed then you can save yourselves plenty of time and money.

The Calibrate Before Use labels are available in two formats:

In Process QC Labels

QC Passed Labels

qc passed label

The QC Passed labels are available in two formats:

QC Approved Labels

qc approved label

The QC Approved labels are available in two formats:

QC Rejected Labels

qc rejected label

The QC Rejected labels are available in two formats:

QC Inspected Labels

qc inspected label

The QC Inspected labels are available in two formats:

Manufacturing and Maintenance Labels

Preventive Maintenance Labels

preventive maintenance label

Preventive maintenance labels are very similar to the calibration labels because they are on the same type of recall system. 

The PM labels are made in larger sizes because their is usually much more space on a machine than something like a micrometer or caliper. 

The Preventive Maintenance labels are available in two formats:

Limited Shelf Life Labels

limited shelf life label

Limited shelf life labels can be used for items such as paints or adhesives that have expiration dates that need to be monitored.

The Limited Shelf Life labels are available in two formats:

Other labels

If there are any other common labels that I have missed, please let me know in the comments below and I will try to make some up.

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